How to Make Resume for Internship


Do you know How to Make Resume for Internship? Are you a student who has to apply for an internship position but are worried that is difficult to get internships these days? For the reason that resumes highlight work experience and you most likely don’t have much to reference to. No worries, anymore because our guide on how to make a resume for internship is here to back you up.

How to Make Resume for Internship

Usually, a misapprehension prevails that you can not make your resume appealing unless you have gained a remarkable amount of work experience. However, its not true because the harder you work on your resume, the  more chances you will have in achieving your desired internship or occupation.

How to Make Resume for Internship

As a student, we all are likely to have known how much internships is important in a professional life.

Resumes being only 1 or 2 pages requires diligence and skills to make. You should be very cautious in applying the details that will captivate the employer’s attention.

Especially when it is for internships because the companies/industries have to pick few individuals who have the same skill set and knowledge among the hundreds of different persons that are applying. However, practicing how to make a resume for an internship is not that much difficult. All you have to do is take your time to focus on some of these few points:

Guide & Steps To Make Resume For Internship

In this article, we will help guide you through the process on how to make a professional internship resume step by step, which is based on your skills, education, experience, hobbies

Determine What is Required of The Interns

It is very advisable and remarkable to make a resume one and edit it according to the job requirements before sending it out. During make a resume, you must first determine the qualities the employer is searching for in the candidates.

Make a good research about the job description and then apply your qualities appropriately. Keep in mind that your first goal is to convince the employer how hiring you could be beneficial to their company/organization.

For example, if the internship requires you to work in groups/teams, then putting down in your note that your preferred working alone in your resume might not be a very good idea

Decide On a Resume Format

The resume format could be in three different forms; you are free to pick any of your choice which fits the best.

However, once you have selected one of the options, then you should be sure to abide to it because the resume will look so unprofessional and haphazardly made.

Reverse chronological order i.e. enlisting your most recent academic qualifications or other work experiences first.

Functional order mostly focuses on the abilities and skills on the basis on enlisting the most relevant information first. This may be better fitted to those persons who have gaps in their academic career. Hybrid i.e. a mixture of both

Add a Strong Summary Statements

First and foremost the summary is the first thing that the person will have to take a look at. While making a resume for an internship in your summary, clearly define your learning objectives and the career goals you are aiming to achieve through that internship.

Pay Attention to the Rules of Grammar

Grammatical errors have the tendency to ruin the impression of your resume. Also be very careful while writing and only use formal language.

Hands-On Experience

While learning how to make a resume for an internship, you should keep in mind to include any relevant work experience that you have

Include All Your Achievements And Certificates

You should list out any scholarships, certificates or acknowledgements you have gained in your school life.

Include Your Extra-Curricular Activities

You should never forget to outline any extra-curricular activities or productive hobbies that you have in your resume. Since most students applying for the internship will likely to have almost same level of education and skillsets, extra curricular activities are what separates you from the rest candidates.

Offering References

In order to back your employment history, you should ask for your previous employer to provide a reference for the job you render under him/her.

Note to Self: Never Lie on the Resume

The first point to keep in mind while learning how to make a resume for internship is that never provide any false information, be it regarding your achievements, or your past work experiences.

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