Meditation For Beginners – How to Meditate


Meditation For Beginners – Meditation is a cool way of relaxing and relieving the mind out of stress around you. There are lots of persons who finds it difficult to meditate and many other persons say its easy. In life it is the combination of both, it might start out at the beginning as difficult but with focus, consistency and a small time turns out to be easy.

Meditation For Beginners


Purpose Of Meditating

There is no purpose or goal that can be acquired by from meditation, but as for some persons it helps in restoring back their focus, for some other persons it helps to relief their mind off stress in their lives. It is were the mind remains focus from things that is happening around within and it is able to maintain a calm state to deal with their lives in a happier moment of the mind.

How To Start Meditating

Meditation does not need any necessary condition for you to begin with. The only thing needed here is a small amount of your time – as less as 10 minutes will do in the beginning. You can begin with meditating anytime and anywhere that will allow you feel yourself for some time.

  • As Jonah Engler rightly structured it, at first when you begin meditating, the mind will constantly wander away. All you have to do is let it wander and you can always bring it back in a while. All you need to do in the meantime is pay attention to your breathing.
  • Close your eyes and stay focus on the darkness around you. Also don’t move your eyes to a closed point just be gentle on the eyelids as you keep them shut. As you relax and keep looking through the darkness with closed eyes you will see a slight tiny speck of light. Keep your focus on that light. Even when you don’t see anything just keep the eyes shut and keep looking through the dark.
  • Make yourself comfortable in any position you are. You can sit on the floor or even on a mat. Sit on a chair if you wish to. You can place your hands on your knees as you sit crossing your legs or even bring them to a gentle clasp in the middle of your body. Keep calm then leave them loose and relaxed.

In the words of a meditation expert, beginners can focus on their breathing in the beginning that will help them focus. And if the mind is wandering away, let it go. Focus on your breathing in the meantime. Make four counts while you inhale and counting to six while exhaling helps a lot. Meditation For Beginners

Benefits Of Meditation

It is more easier to cure a wound when you can see it, that is because you’ve  already known what kind of treatment it requires. But what do you do when you know a part of  you needs treatment and yet you can’t see it. You don’t know the level of infection or how serious it’s wounded.

  • As Jonah Engler rightly says, be patient with yourself when you begin meditation; be gentle to your mind. Healing the mind is not difficult with meditation but you need you need to give it time and calmness to repair and rejuvenate. The little things that crease the thoughts and prevent the flow of positive energy can all be smoothened with medication only if you allow a little time and space for yourself.
  • Disappointment will be less as you become truly independent with meditation. You will be happy in your own space and be more embracing of the world around you
  • As you begin meditating you will feel the change shortly after a while. It feels relaxed calmly and exciting. There’s no need in search of support outside, be it a friend or a doctor.

Meditation needs no tricks. The only thing required is some less time for yourself every day and you will be free from exhaustion of your mind. Meditation For Beginners.


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