How To Find Your Dream Job – What Career is Right For Me?


Still seeking on How To Find Your Dream Job? While some people already had a career in mind since they were little, others didn’t until they had graduated from college. It is possible to decide to switch career or maybe you are just in search of a job, then this guide is just for you.

How To Find Your Dream Job

With the below few steps, you should be ready to take on your journey to getting a new job for yourself. Ensure to read carefully to grasp all the ideas given on this article.

How to Find Your Dream Job

On the course of this article, we will be identifying 4 steps you should follow on getting your dream job. And as it may be, getting your desired outcome isn’t easy. But you should keen to your passion in getting it, and pray!!!

Step One: Focus On Your Strength

Not knowing the career path you should go for or being confused about your dreams doesn’t mean you should doubt your strengths. Focusing on your strengths will let you to see what you are best at. With online quiz, family assistance, and actions you can get to know what you are good at.

And after figuring out your strength, you can then start looking for jobs that are related to what you are good at. For example; If you are good at accounting or mathematics, then you can apply for the position as an accountant, math teacher, or even go for a position at a bank.

Step Two: Check Your Weak Points

If you have previously worked at different positions or different jobs, then you might want to check on your weaknesses. There are several questions you can check out for. Like, What;

  • Did I like or dislike about the company I worked with?
  • challenges did I face?
  • Did I like or dislike about the industry I was part of?
  • Made me happy or proud while I worked there?
  • Did I like or dislike about my boss?
  • Was my most tremendous success?
  • Did I like or dislike about my colleagues?
  • Was my greatest failure?
  • Did I like or dislike about my job role?

Asking yourself questions like these can help you to understand the negative feelings about your job or what mistakes you made during your old jobs. With this, you can work out a pattern and capability to match up a job that suits you better.

Step Three: Do Research

Self-assessment is very vital, but research and opinions shouldn’t be ignored. It is very ideal to interview employees that are working in your field of expertise. Their failures, success, and advice can guide you map your own path in the job.

Step Four: Pray And Follow Your Heart

One can always get involved in what makes them happy. This can even lead to turning a hobby into a career. It is very important to read books, watch videos, take online classes or attend workshops to search for new hobbies or career paths you can try out.

Always remember to keen to Prayers and follow your heart. Sometimes, you can be surprised how your hobby turns out to be a great source of income.


One’s dream job is that which pays well and motivates them to work every day happily. When working in your precise career path, you will continually evolve. You must always be willing to learn, explore, and carry out research to check on a career you are intending to go for.

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