Sony Sued in Claims That the Firm Purposely Hid a Major Defect in The PS5 Console


What do you think about the Sony Sued in Claims That the Firm Purposely Hid a Major Defect in The PS5 Console? Well, the PlayStation user is taking legal action against the company responsible for the console.

Sony Sued in Claims That the Firm Purposely Hid a Major Defect in The PS5 Console

According to PS5 user, it turns out that Sony hid crucial information about the console and a major flaw it could carry.

Sony Sued in Claims That the Firm Purposely Hid a Major Defect in The PS5 Console

Plaintiff Christina Trejo filed the class action lawsuit against Sony Corporation of America July 12 in an Illinois federal court. Alleging violations of state and federal consumer law.

According to GameRant, The PS5 contains a defect that cause the console to suddenly power down while the user is playing video games, often losing saved gameplay.

The documents point out to a range of amazon customer reviews and Reddit threads as evidence across almost two years since the PlayStation 5 has been on sale. The main complaint is that the said console shuts off randomly without any warning of the sort during gameplay.

Trejo has stated that she’s not the only one having this problem with the PS5, even with consoles that didn’t come out so long ago. Sony, if found guilty could be forced to pay a fine to help cover the cost of the defects.

This Is Not the First Time A Gaming Console Company Has Been Sued Due to Defects

Nintendo previously has gone to court over the Switch’s Joy-Con drift issue. That is to say, this recent lawsuit against Sony is not the first time a console manufacturer has been taken to court over a said defect.

The past lawsuit caused Nintendo switch’s packed-in controllers to register movement in the analog sticks even when they are not being touched.

In the recent case, it is not completely accurate to say that Sony had not disclosed information on the PS5 crashing defect. Sony’s official support page states clearly that consoles that turn off while being played are eligible for repair. But that is if they are under warranty.

The Lawsuit shows threads as late as July 2022, all reporting the issue. This issue is not a problem for most owners of the PS5. However, the issue appears to be a defect with the console.

A lot of players that are using the PS5 console are reporting the issue across various games. If the defect is not isolated to a specific game. Then, this lawsuit could push Sony into delivering a future firmware update.

The Lawsuit Is a Wakeup Call for Gaming Console Manufacturers

Consoles are prone to hardware issue such as the current lawsuit. This lawsuit makes a good point that they should not be permitted to launch consoles or any of their products with such conspicuous problem.

The PS5 company has done a great job in bringing welcome firmware updates to PS5 such as the addition of VRR. If there are a lot of users out there complaining of and reporting serious defects. Such as the matter of the lawsuit, that means there is more to be done.

Sony Has Sold Millions of Defective PS5s, Lawsuit Alleges

Sony has sold more than 19 million units of the system worldwide since its launch in late 2020. The lawsuit states. Before its release, Sony advertised the console as coming equipped with “lightning speed, breathtaking immersion [and] stunning games.”

Trejo bought hers at a Walmart for $499.99 plus tax months ago. The console began to consistently crash. She says if she and others had known about the defect. They would not have bought the PS5, or would have paid less for it. Meanwhile, Amazon is facing a class action lawsuit alleging it knowingly sells defective PS5 consoles on its online marketplace.

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