Google Adsense Approval Ultimate Guide


Google Adsense Approval Ultimate Guide: Who does not want to make money online? Everyone wants to, and this article will walk you through Google licenses.

Google Adsense Approval Ultimate Guide
Google Adsense Approval Ultimate Guide

If you are looking to make money on your website or blog, AdSense is probably the easiest way. It is one of the most popular ad networks for bloggers and website owners.

Google Adsense Approval Ultimate Guide

If you adhere to Google’s standards and understand the fundamentals of how a website company operates, I think it’s not difficult to secure a Google Adsense approval.

However, it is surprising how many people are turned down by Google AdSense. One of the reasons they get declined is that they ignore Google’s requirements and the quality of their sites. Before applying for the AdSense program, you should have some patience.

Google Adsense Approval Guide

Google become stricter on approving new Adsense accounts because a lot of people who apply are with low-quality sites. However, if your website is good, but google disapproved your application, there might be a reason for that. Read on and find out why it was disapproved. 

Your website can have quality material. However, it does not certain that your website will be approved for Google Adsense unless it is well-designed and has a simple navigation. Consider spending some money on the design of your website if you want to generate revenue from it.

Premium themes are an option for WordPress users. If money is tight, consider purchasing a theme from Visualmodo, which offers higher-quality designs at an affordable price.

I was ignorant of Adsense at the time and how it operated. All I knew was that Google Adsense may bring in money for website owners. I reasoned, why not give it a shot? I had a mobile website, after all, and I was proud of it. There are others like me

Quality for Google Adsense Approval

It is upsetting to receive an Adsense rejection. Many new bloggers have the notion that they would never be approved for Adsense after a few rejections. You are not alone if you are one of them. You are also in the proper location.

Google gives no indication of the criteria used to decide whether to authorize a new account. All you can do is uphold a few principles before submitting an Adsense application. The advice in this article can also be used as a checklist for getting Google Adsense approved.

Domain Registrant

The days of obtaining Adsense accounts with free subdomains on websites like Blogspot, Weebly, etc. are long gone. Google still accepts sites with subdomains, but you must make sure that your website has quality content, attractive design, simple navigation, etc.

Making subdomain sites comply with Adsense requirements is difficult. Google has already outlawed several websites with subdomains The top-level domains are. net,.org,.in,.com,.bd, etc., thus I advise you to get one like mine (RoadToBlogging.Com). Here is an illustration to help you grasp the distinction.

Similar Ads

When you don’t yet have an Adsense account, it’s not a terrible idea to test out different Adsense substitutes. But before submitting an Adsense application, delete those ads. Although Google permits you to utilize other Ad Networks with Adsense, the Adsense team will not be pleased if your website is overrun with adverts from these other networks.

Submission of a Site

Every time you publish a website, you want visitors to be able to find it quickly. Search People can quickly locate your website through search engines. Simply submitting your sitemap to search engines is all that is required.

Additionally, confirm that Google has crawled the pages on your website. In Google Search, enter the site: to see if Google has indexed your website or not. Google can take up to a week to index your website. Your pages will be indexed quickly if you have some pertinent backlinks. Interlinking your blog posts also aid in indexing your sites by search engine bots.

Internet Analytics

Google offers two fantastic tools: Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Analytics gives comprehensive site statistics. A thorough assessment of the site’s page visibility on Google is also available through Webmaster tools.

Original content

Before applying, you must produce new and distinctive content. to use Adsense. The only requirement for Adsense is high-quality content. Some bloggers received Adsense accounts after only 20 to 30 posts, while others were rejected after more than 100.

Quality material is therefore very important. Quality material is well-developed and well-researched, free of copyrighted items and links to illicit downloads, not plagiarized, user-friendly, and comprehensive. Try to produce some high-quality content, then.

Pages Creation for Google Adsense Approval

Some websites offer a better user experience than others. Google is constantly working to improve user experience. The majority of beginning bloggers don’t make these pages. These pages make an excellent first impression on the Adsense team. before submitting an Adsense application, construct the pages below.

About – The majority of new visitors go to the “About” page. They are curious about the person behind the blog. You can write anything you like on the “about” page, including information about you and your blog.

The page most often overlooked is the contact one. Once you have it, you’ll understand why it’s crucial. Because you didn’t have a contact page, you might have missed out on direct advertising.


Google AdSense is a program run by google via which website publishers in the Google network of content sites serves text, image, and more. through the article, you will get to understand every detail Google Adsense Approval Ultimate Guide. However, if you find this article useful, you can share to your loved ones to help solve their issue. 


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