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THBillPay is nothing short of a blessing for its users in the event of a medical emergency. This is a TeamHealth’s patient billing center that help patients pay off their medical bills conveniently. People can use a secure online way to pay their hospital bills through the Team Health’s Patient Billing Service. This is a platform where the client can pay directly through multiple ways of payments.

THBillPay Pay

What is THBillPay?

THBillPay is a Team Health’s Patient Billing Service Centre have flown to the aids of people by launching an online billing platform. This platform is a secure way to pay your medical and hospital bills both directly and through insurance claims.

This online platform is designed especially for the needs of general users who can operate easily through their mobile or gadgets. THBillPay also offers an easy payment option for its customers.

THBillPay – Team Health’s Patient Billing Service

However, the added pressure of bills and payments can be excruciating tiresome and inconvenient. That is why the Team Health Patient billing service are here to make work easy.

THBillPay is known as Team Health’s Patient Billing Service Centre that help people by developing an online billing platform. They are convenient payment methods for hospital bills.

This platform is very safe to use, completely safe, and secure service. This is supported by a lot of customer testimonials.

THBillPay Works By Providing Different Payment Alternatives to Patients

It works so easily. THBillPay accepts payments on behalf of the medical services and hospitals. It is a fee collection system for urgently physicians and health centers.

For it to work, the emergency healthcare provider or hospital must be registered on this system. So, make sure you choose the medical service provider or hospital carefully before admitting the patient.

Thebillpay offers you with three types of payment option to be used as per your ease. They include E-checks, Credit cards, and Insurance Claims.

There are additional ways to pay your Team Health bill, they include Team Health bill through phone. You can also pay by mail. The Team Health call number is 1-888-952-67-72.

There Are Certain Requirements for Using This Portal

You will need to provider the below information before using and logging into this platform:

  • You will need to 14-digital account number and Team Health number.
  • You will also provide your social security Number
  • You also need to submit bank details like your bank name.
  • Submit association with the individual who is ill
  • Address, contact information, as well as other basic information Pay Bills

THBillPay provides three distinct transaction methods for you to select from. They include E-checks payment, Credit card payment, and payment through insurance claims. All these three techniques require only a few common details.

The following are few key steps that are shared by all three processes:

  • Visit website at
  • Once the page open, you will see options such as Account, Credit Card, E-Check, and Insurance Claim
  • Click on any of them you want to make payment on or view your account.
  • Enter all the information required such as your 14-digit code
  • Click on the “submit” button.

Before doing of all, you should have to make sure about your bank balance. It should be enough for your current hospital or medical bill.

Make A Payment to THBillPay Via Credit Card

The following is required to pay bills using your credit card. To pay your hospital bill with your credit card, follow these steps:

  • Go to website at
  • Once the page open you will see a credit card section.
  • Click on the “” option below it. The credit card payment page will open.
  • Enter all the information required like 14-digit account number, and other bank details.
  • Click on the “submit” button.
  • On the next page, enter your credit card number, three-digit CVV number on your credit card, name on credit card provider

Then follow the onscreen process to make your THBillPay medical bill via credit card. Make sure to fill in all of your information cautiously and to pay on time.

Make A Payment To THBillPay Via E-Checks

Below are ways to pay Thbillpay through e-checks

  • Visit website and choose the e-check method
  • Once the new page displayed, fill in your Payment amount, Security code and TeamHealth Account number.
  • After filling all the form, click on the payment button.

That is all the steps required, you have pay your THBillPay medical bill through E-check.

Make A Payment to THBillPay Via Insurance

To pay your bills through insurance provide all the insurance information. To submit your information follows these steps:

  • Visit the website at
  • You will see the insurance section. Click on the “provide information” button below it.
  • Enter your TeamHealth Account Number.
  • You will see a variety of choices i.e., Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, workers compensation, Automobile, etc. Choose one.
  • Click “submit”.

Make sure to fill in all of your information cautiously and to pay on time.

You Can Receive Your Team Health User Account Number Easily

You can retrieve your users account number if he/she don’t have account number. It can be done in three methods they include:

  • User account number is documented in the healthcare service company’s or hospital’s statement. Choose account from the menu icon in the upper right corner of the page and carefully follow the instructions.
  • The other option is to visit official website at www,, and look for help there.
  • Lastly, you can easily contact them at the number provided on the Contact Us option on their website


Thbillpay is an easy-to-use service, totally safe and secure. However, they have a set record by aiding as many as 9 million people each year. You can drop any of your questions on “Thbillpay” on the comment section.

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