US Transit Visa – How to Apply for US Transit Visa


US is one of the most critical countries globally in every regard. Transit © Visa are non-immigrant visas for persons traveling in immediate and continue transit through the United States en route to another country with few exceptions.


This post will give you information about how to apply for a USA visa and US transit visa requirement. Also, you will get to know information about the USA transit visa.

US Non-Immigrant Visa

Generally speaking, there are different types of visas in the USA. But when considering visa difference like what I have stated about the transit visa, we should show non-immigrant and immigrant visas first.

The United States does not need foreign citizens with a visa wavier program to offer a visa. Though, if there are foreigners who come to the USA by air and water, they must be obtain the electronic Authorization, namely the ESTA certificate. After that, they (foreigners) will have a maximum 90-day residence permit in the USA.

How to get US transit visa? / US transit visa application

How can I get US Transit Visa? If you are transit visa owner, you have the right to go to any country and travel to a third country from there. To Obtained this opportunity, you need a USA transit visa.

The US transit visa is also called the USA C-visa. With gratitude for this visa, foreign citizens can go to the USA and travel to other countries. This type of visa cannot transit from the USA to any other country you want.

The US transit visa is issued to foreigners, especially in emergencies. Foreigners living in the USA can benefit from this visa even though they urgently need to leave the country. Some countries are visa-exempt to the USA. Citizens of the countries listed below can travel to the USA without a visa:

  • Canada
  • Bahamas
  • Marshall Islands
  • Micronesia
  • Palau

Only citizens of these states can enter the USA without a visa. On the opposite, citizens of some others have a prohibition on entry to the USA. These countries are Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen.

How to Apply for This Visa             

You must take several steps to apply for a USA Transit Visa. The order of these steps and how you complete them may vary at the or Consulate where you apply.

US transit visa requirements / US transit visa validity

One of the primary factors for us is the US non-immigrant visa validity and the documents required for the transit visa. There are also special required documents, in addition to the standard documents.

  • You must first prepare the application form and sign it.
  • you must present your passport or, if necessary, your travel document to the competent authority.
  • You must also have a color photograph taken in the last six months. This photo must be 5×5 cm in size.
  • After you have done these, the document you need is your status in the country you live in.
  • You must also submit documents showing your financial situation.
  • Another required document is the employer’s letter.
  • information about the job, salary to be received for the job, the purpose of the trip should be reported here.
  • You must show your accommodation and ticket information.
  • Follow by the processing time required to obtain a transit visa to the USA.

You should wait approximately 3-10 days to obtain this visa. This processing time may vary depending on the country of your citizenship.

Appointment For USA Transit Visa

You may be requested to give an interview if you want a non-immigrant visa for the USA. Application aged 14 to 79 should interview in person and you need take along the application approval letter with you when you are going for the interview.

Here are some of the things you need to take to the interview and the rules that governor the interview:

  • Come with the appointment letter and come to the meeting on the appointed date.
  • You should come 30 minutes before the time shown because if you are late for the meeting it may be canceled.
  • The interview consists of two stages and after successfully passing both stages, your fingerprint scanning will be done and it is carried out electrically.
  • You will be asked a series of question at time of meeting with the authorities.
  • Some of the question will cover why you should travel, some info about travel, info about your family, and so on.

You can go to the main site for more information.

How long is a us transit visa valid for?

Lot of people ask, how long is a US non-immigrant visa valid for? The Visa holders may stay in the US for a maximum of 29 days or the proposed flight or slip departure, which is earlier.


Do I need a Visa for transiting through the USA?

General speaking, travelers in transit through the United States require valid C-1 visas.

How do I get a US Transit Visa?

  • Fill form DS-160
  • play the us transit visa application fee
  • Schedule your interview and submit the required document for US transit VISAS.
  • Then, attend your visa interview.

Do I need a us transit visa?         

A citizen of a foreign country traveling in immediate and continuous transit through the United States enroot to a foreign destination requires a valid non-immigrant.

How much is US transit visa?


A transit visa in the U.S.: fees

The price for applying for a US Transit Visa is $160. You must make the payment and keep the receipt because you will use it in the future.

Can I get transit visa at airport?

Finally, you can submit your application and complete the visa interview. Please note that you must apply for a transit visa before you leave for your flight— you cannot receive a visa at the airport.


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