Twitter Status Tweets – Twitter Testing Its Status Feature


Twitter Status Tweets – According to reports, it has been confirmed that Twitter Testing Its Status Feature. Whether you prefer to share your thoughts or have make a post about current events, twitter users can add a status topic to their tweet.

Twitter Status Tweets

If you would like to know more about this upcoming feature, then here are some gathered information about it.

Twitter Status Tweets

The social media platform is trying out the new feature called Status Tweets. This feature will let users to add one of their several prewritten labels or thoughts to a tweet. It also allows you to add a status topic from a predetermined list to your retweets. This can help to provide more context for the user followers.

Tweet Thread

From a tweet directly from Twitter, “whether you are about to drop a hot Tweet thread, share your shower thoughts, or have a bad case of the Mondays, your Tweets can better entail what you are up to”.

A user who was given access to this new feature tweeted that some of the available status labels include,

  • Spoiler alert
  • Need advice
  • Hot take
  • Unpopular opinion
  • Living the dream
  • Working hard, hardly working
  • Traveling

And as suggested by Twitter, “A thread”, “Shower thoughts” and “Case of the Mondays”. There is no custom status feature. If you see a Status Tweet from another user, then you can also click on the status label to see other tweets linked with similar status topic.

End Note

This new feature test is running with few twitter users located in the United States and Australia. And it will be for a limited time usage as said by the company. In an Help Center post made by Twitter, it is said that on both iOS and Android, people included in the test can post their own Status Tweets and see other posts. Check more about trump tweets for today,

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